Canadian Youth Delegation Home Team Call-Out!

As many of you know, the Canadian Youth Delegation (CYD) is a group of
bilingual youth volunteers from all across Canada mobilizing to increase the
awareness of climate change and engage youth with the upcoming United
Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun (COP16).

The CYD Home Team is the foundation to the CYD and the critical workhorse
whose efforts make the CYD as powerful as it remains from year to year. Home
Team efforts include educating community members and classmates on climate
change, letter writing campaigns, actions to bring attention to climate change and
COP16, people’s assemblies on climate justice and more. We meet on weekly
calls and we communicate daily via email.

We need committed CYD Home Team leaders across the country to help create
and mobilize Home Teams in each of their locations. If you are interested in
working on climate and are looking to gain some valuable experience in this
area, this opportunity is certainly unique. Folks that have been involved with the
CYD at any capacity have gone on to do some extraordinary work.

Please contact Sarah at to talk further about joining
this year’s CYD Home Team.

P.S. There is a very special opportunity to do work on the ground in Ottawa,
Ontario in collaboration with Climate Action Network Canada (CAN). Contact
Sarah for further information, as this is an incredible opportunity in our Nation’s
Capital, with a strong network; don’t hesitate to step up!

One Response to “Canadian Youth Delegation Home Team Call-Out!”
  1. Dr Peter Carter says:

    I ma very happy to donate to your cause.
    The two top dangers to the survival of humanity are being ignored by the UN climate negotiations. These are loss of food security and Arctic climate feedbacks. Today’s youth must fight for their future by forcing these onto the agenda.
    It is your absolute human right to inherit a planet at zero risk from catastrophically dangerous climate change. You are clearly being denied this right.

    Half the world is now condemned to declining crop yields at today’s committed global temperature increases. The worst crime against humanity ever and all humanity has already been committed.
    Also not on the agenda is the fact we are far beyond dangerous climate interference facing catastrophe and so in a state of planetary emergency. John Holdren has been saying this 2006. Others who say we are beyond dangerous are James Hansen Hans Schellnhuber Bill Hare and Andrew Glikson

    I suggest you need a global youth (independent of other NGOs) comprehensive integrated climate science risk based position paper, that can be used by youth tom assert their human rights in all regions for many years.

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