10:10 Volunteer Call Out!

Hello Canadian 10:10’ers!

As many of you know, the 10:10 Global project has come a very long way,
in a considerably short time. In just over a year, the 10:10 Global project has
united more than 100,000 people and organizations in 44 countries around
positive, practical action to cut carbon. Together we’re making a real difference,
Here in Canada, the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition has had the privilege and
challenging task to host and build the 10:10 Canada Hub. Now, following an
extraordinarily inspirational and productive Global Day of Doing this past October
10th, 2010, we are encouraged here in Canada to keep going into 2011 and

To do this, we are looking for support from dedicated volunteers from all regions
of Canada, with any level of capacity. We are also looking for a dedicated
Hub Coordinator to bring on board. This is a particularly special opportunity
for someone looking to gain a plethora of environmental, campaigning, and
organizational experience, working on a global campaign, with the support of the
Canadian Youth Climate Coalition and the greater 10:10 Global project.

We’re determined to host the 10:10 project and to do it quite well. For all
interested volunteers or individuals interested in Hub Coordination, please
contact sarah@1010global.org.

Happy 10:10-ing!


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