The Alaska Highway

I’m in Fort Nelson, BC. I’ve made great progress down the Alaska Highway, covering 1060 kilometers during my first week. I’ve attributed my good progress to four factors, which will either result in me reaching Montana ahead of schedule, or will land me in a psychiatric ward. i. I’m the sort of person who will return from a run and drink an entire litre an a half nalgene of water, or, upon finishing a bike trip, will eat three foot-long subs. Once I no longer feel sick I am filled with an ever lasting feeling of success. On day two of this trip I cycled for nearly fifteen hours, covering 257.73 kilometers. I was left with a short feeling of accomplishment and a sore knee that continues to persist. ii) Before I left I made several adjustments so improve cycling efficiency at the expense of comfort. I installed aero-bars on my bike, which give me a more aerodynamic riding position and a sore neck and shoulders. I attached a yoghurt pot to my handlebars which I can put my lunch inside, so I can eat while cycling, thereby ensuring that I do not waste valuable minutes on a lunch break. I also swapped my mountain bike pedals for racing pedals, My new pedals are lighter and more aerodynamic, but are practically impossible to walk in, making me look like even more of a nerd whenever I clip-clop into a store. iii) You know you’re hungry when you enjoy power gels. They are the consistency of algae and taste like chocolate mixed with the chemical dispersants used to treat the Gulf Oil Spill. I consumed three gel packs yesterday, and managed not to throw up! iv) It can be very lonely and dull cycling alone through the BORE-eal forest. I’ve passed many hours pretending I’m talking to Stephen Harper or Jim Prentice. I say things to the Prime Misister like, “you have ashma so you care about air quality, but you also have children so I can’t understand why yuou don’t care about climate change,” or “can you look me in the eye and tell me that your government is doing enough to prevent my generation from inheritng a world devastated by climate change?” In my imaginary meeting with Jim Prentice I ask our Environment Minister if he sees a link between climate change and the Russian Wildfires or Pakistan Flood, and I give him a copy of Climate Wars to see if he is interested in learning about how climate change is a human rights and global security issue. That sums up my first week on my bike, now its time for me to start cycling again!

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